There are few things more rewarding than working with fresh plants every day.
Contact us for opportunities to help on the farm or other parts of our operation.


Rob Laing, CEO

Australian/British, with a background in design, Rob founded and was CEO of the VC-funded language translation startup in Tokyo from 2008-2015. 

Rob likes making very fresh food, making technologies simple to use, and getting everyone to eat more plants. Rob also runs the podcast Plant Gourmet. Connect to Rob on LinkedIn.

LUKE WU, farmer & chef

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David Goldstein, FARM MANAGER

David carefully oversees the farm, managing technology, quality and production from seed to harvest. He also works closely with staff at ICE to deliver fresh produce for the classroom.

Previously at Boswyck Farms, David created farm installations for commercial and non-profit clients, ran events, volunteer programs and tours. Find David on Linkedin.


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