Introduction to indoor farming 

Learn how to grow herbs, greens, fruit and flowers indoors using hydroponics in a controlled environment under artificial light. This introduction to the high-tech world of indoor growing will open your eyes to the possibilities of year-round, pesticide-free, high-quality, high-yield agriculture suitable for any size. Get hands-on experience from seed to harvest under the guidance of an expert at New York's oldest culinary school.

This class is held 3 times per month:

  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Maximum of 10 students
  • Includes free gift planter
  • Students of all levels are welcome
  • Price: $130
Farm.One’s class was an excellent hands-on intro to Controlled Environment Agriculture & hydroponics. This is a unique way for those already interested in this space to better understand the ins and outs of growing food indoors.
— Rick S.

NEW! Commercial URBAN Farming 

Urban farming is exciting and sustainable, but is it profitable? New farmers can get caught up in the excitement without careful planning, making it hard to build a successful farm business. In this detailed, in-depth and practical two-day class, students learn the commercial aspects of urban farming from the founders of Farm.One, and the leading global urban farm consultants, Blue Planet Consulting. This class gives you the knowledge and skills to plan out and profitably operate an urban farm of your choice. A 100% plant-based lunch is provided both days, featuring fresh produce grown at the Farm.One and other NY farms. 

This class is held once per month:

  • Duration: 16 Hours (Sat/Sun)
  • Maximum of 12 students
  • Price: $995

See how we work with the students at the Institute of Culinary Education. Classes are held in the same farm space.

About our Classes

Farm Manager David Goldstein

Farm Manager David Goldstein

learn from a pro

Farm Manager David Goldstein has years of experience designing and building hydroponic systems for educational and commercial use, and of successfully growing a huge variety of crops hydroponically and conventionally. 

a Unique Farm in Manhattan

The ICE hydroponic grow room operated by Farm.One is a unique, custom-designed, climate-controlled indoor learning space with 8 different kinds of hydroponic and lighting systems. Over 30 different crop varieties are grown at any one time, including rare and unusual herbs and greens, tomatoes, eggplants and strawberries.

There is no other facility like this in New York.

What a beautiful space! I really enjoyed the class. It was super educational and I had a blast. David was super friendly and very passionate about hydroponics. Huge kudos to him for prepping for the class and sharing his knowledge and expertise.
— Mika T.